Shipping Guide partners with major international shipping companies like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and EMS to offer three shipping methods:

1.     Can you ship to my country? supports ship worldwide unless otherwise specify on the product page.

There may be some destination areas which have limited courier service coverage and in case of this, we will usually inform the customer through email. Please ensure that you filled the correct shipping address in your order. 

2.     Can I have free shipping? Are all the items on Free Shipping?

Free shipping is only applicable for selected product.

These selected products with free shipping provided are clearly marked with the phrase "FREE SHIPPING" in that is particular product page.

If your order happens to consist of a combination of items with and without "Free Shipping", the chargeable shipping cost will be calculated based on the total order weight minus the total free shipping weight allowance

3.     What shipping agents are available and can I use my own shipping agent?

You can choose from using FedEx, UPS, DHL or even USPS (for orders that to be ship out from US branch) and airmail shipment for your orders. But please make sure to choose the available shipping service in your area to avoid problem on package delivery later on. 

4.     Will the package be delivered to my home/office address? Will I be notified by the courier?

Yes. It will be delivered to address stated on your shipping details if you have provide a valid and updated contact number so that you could be within reach at all times. Failing to contact you, the courier will send notification to assist in contacting you.

However, please ensure that you also check with your local post office regularly for AIRMAIL because sometimes airmail does not inform you when your package has arrived and also sometimes does not deliver to your door.

5.     Is the duty & tax included in the shipping cost I am paying and what is the import tax of my country?

No, duty & tax (custom charges), handling fee, service cost and storage, are EXCLUDED from the total amount you are paying for shipping cost. For tax and duty charges, it is advisable that you refer to your local custom authorities as they could provide you the updated rates charges for imports to your country destination. will not be responsible for any extra charges incurred by the courier company or the local custom, to get your package delivered to you.  Any details pls check here:

6.     When will my order be shipped after confirmed?

Estimated shipping time of the products is stated on the website. Unless otherwise specified differently for the shipping time of a particular product or a larger order, below is the normal estimated shipping time from our different branches

We will notify you by email as soon as we shipped your order. The estimated time of arrival depends on the shipping agents you choose.

7.     When would my package arrive?

The total package delivery time for your order is the period of time from when your order is confirmed until the time you receive it. It is separated into two parts: the processing time and the shipping time.

Processing time: Once your order is confirmed, the total processing time generally is 1 to 4 working days for items shipped from Malaysia, China and Hong Kong. For United Sates, items will be processed and shipped within 24hours.

Processing time includes selecting items, quality control checks and packaging. Please note that large orders with multiple items may take longer to process and pack.

Shipping time: This is the time from when the parcel leaves our warehouse until it arrives at your designated destination. Please refer to the guide as stated below on the shipping times for the various shipping agents.

8.     How long does airmail shipment takes to deliver my package?

Airmail shipment may take 1-3 weeks to reach your destination country. But situation may varies for each country as in some country destinations it can be reliably delivered within 1 week and some even take 4 weeks, depending on the reliability of your postal service.

9.     My tracking number provided is not working

The courier company might take up to 48 hours to update the tracking number into the tracking system. You can track you order here:

Please contact us again if you are still unable to track your order.

10.   Can I get you to handle my custom charges and I deposit you the amount cost in later times?

Customers responsible for all custom charges before the release of parcels from the local custom office.

11.   My package is stuck at the custom. What shall I do now?

Please contact your local custom or the local courier in your area and quote them your tracking number. Do inquire them on what is necessary to provide for your package to be release. If you require any documents such as invoice, please do inform us and we will provide it to you.

12.   My package was detained. What can I do now?

Local custom authority can detained your parcel for reason only known to them. If your parcel is detained by your local custom, you will need to take action to communicate and seek to find out why your parcel is detained.

If the reason is due to the request of invoice or any related matters to the parcel content or specification, kindly contact us

13.   The custom confiscated my product. What shall I do now?

Under such condition, you will need to contact your local custom to find out how to get your parcel released. In any case, whereby you require assistance from us to help you in this matter, please contact us. cannot be responsible for parcel confiscate by your local custom. It is the responsibility of customer to make sure that your order contains acceptable and approved items for import into the country of destination/delivery. We will also not compensate or refund you if your parcel is confiscate by your local custom.

14.   Shipping Insurance offers optional shipping insurance at a fee. If you would like to insure your shipment, you may add this in during the check out process.

15.   Damaged or Missing Items

You are required to make a report to us on damaged or missing item(s) in your package within 24 hours upon receipt of the package. We will not entertain any complaints for damaged or missing items after the 24 hours time frame.

Shipping services providers such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS and USPS will only cover the value of the goods as declared on the shipping invoice if the package is missing or damaged by the shipping agent during the transporting of your goods.

16.   The courier service contacted me. My package is missing. Am I going to be refunded?

We will need some time to investigate with the courier service provider and other relevant parties to check on the status of your shipment in order to ascertain that your package is really missing and the cause of it.

Once we received their confirmation status, we will proceed with the loss claim.

We will only be able to refund or reship to you the value that is being compensated by the courier company.

However, if you have already proceeded to do the loss claim, please provide us your claim cases ID and/or any other relevant details/documents so that we could make a referral to the courier service provider for confirmation.