1) Is Tabletpcphones.com trusted and safe?
We make this business since 2008 year end. We guarantee your privacy and on-line shopping safety. Tabletpcphones.com is an experienced supplier on China electronics gadgets. We are secured by a Geo trust SSL certificate to ensure that your personal information is encrypted and secure when you communicate with us. All billing information is processed by PayPal.com, an online bank owned by eBay considered trustworthy today. PayPal is secured by multiple industrial security technologies including solutions from VeriSign.
We will never share your personal and private information with anyone, and any personal information collected by us is only used to properly process and deliver your order.
We occasionally send out email promotions and newsletters to our customers. These e-mail are sent very sparingly (approximately 1 per month). You can unsubscribe any time you want.


2) How to place an order?
It is easy to place an order. Here is a general flow chart.
Add items to the cart -> Proceed to checkout -> Login/Register/Checkout as Guest -> Fill billing address -> Fill shipping address -> Choose shipping methods -> Choose payment methods -> Place an order -> Redirect to Paypal to make payment.
You just need to add the product to the shopping card, and checkout as the instruction flow on the site. You can checkout as guest or customer. But we prefer you register before ordering, in this way you will receive points and easily track your order status at your account page. We accept online payment or offline payment.

3) Is all of your product in stock?
Normally we ship 95% orders in 2 days after payment. Anyway, we are striving to provide accurate stock information.

4) Is there any discount if I make bulk order?
Sure, you will get good discount for one time bulk order. Please contact with our customer service. For frequent order, you are welcome to join our VIP program.


5) What is the declaration on the shipping label ?
For orders shipped with Airmail Service, the name of product category will be used as declaration and the declared value for most countries is a lowest value between US2.00 to US$5.
For orders shipped with EMS/DHL, it will be declared at USD20 for high value products.

6) Are all of your product free shipping?
Yeah, all product on our site are free shipping to worldwide countries by airmail.

7) When will you ship my order?
Normally we ship the order in 2-3 days after payment completed. Sometime it may take 3-5 days because of supplier issue. If you did not receive the tracking information on the 6th day after payment completed. Please contact us http://www.tabletpcphones.com/contact-us

8) When will my order arrive?
After you receive tracking number or order completed confirmation. Due to international shipping and custom checking, it may take more time to arrive. We appreciate your patience while you choose free shipping by airmail.

9) How to check order status?
We understand that you are eager to know your order real time status. You can track order status from your account page, or you can check your email. We will update your order status on your account page. We also send your order status information to your email.

10) It is too long that I still have not received my order, what should I do?
If you got tracking number for your order, you should track it on courier website to check the status.
For airmail, If it takes more than 20 working day that you did not receive your order after order completed, please contact our customer service directly. If below 20 working days, we will appreciate that you can wait for a little more time because airmail is very slow sometime.
For EMS, if it takes more than 14 working days after order completed, please contact our customer service.
For DHL/UPS, if it takes more than 7 working days after order completed, please contact our customer service.

11) Can I cancel my order?
If you did not make the payment for the order, the order will be canceled automatically. If you paid, you can also cancel it before order enters processing status by sending email or phone us. But if your order enter processing status, you cannot cancel it.

12) How long will it take for the back ordered?
It will take about 5 days or less to process the back order. Also if you are anxious to get it, you can choose some similar items for replacing. For the price difference herein, you can contact us. Of course, you can choose to cancel this item and get refunds.

13) I want to add/change/cancel items to my order, what should I do?
Please contact our customer service center if you want to add or change or cancel items to your order. You need to tell your detail change information to contact us. http://www.tabletpcphones.com/contact-us. If the order is in process, you are not able to change or cancel items.

14) I have paid the express fees, why the order is shipped by airmail at last?
There are many reasons for such cases. For example, a) Express does not carry the product you order; b) The package is too big on dimension; c) Airmail is easy to pass customs; d) The express fees is not enough. When we ship by airmail instead of express fees, we will refund you the difference.

15) Why don't I receive order confirmation or invoice from Tabletpcphones.com?
We send order confirmation and invoice by email. There are two reasons that you did not receive email. A) The email address you entered at our site is incorrect, B) Our confirmation email was sent to your email trash box.

16) Do I need to register before ordering?
You don’t need to register before ordering. You can checkout as guest or customer. But we prefer you register before ordering, in this way you will receive points and easily track your order status at your account page.

17) What is the benefit to register as a tablepcphones.com member?
You will receive points and get easily to track order status at your account page after your registration.

18) How can I get coupon code?
You can search coupon code from internet, like google.com.

19) Can i pay for the goods upon receipt?
Sorry, we don’t provide COD (Cash On Delivery) service. You can use Paypal. Paypal is safe for buyer and seller.

20) Can you ship the package as gifts and claim low value in custom invoice?
Sure, we can ship package as gifts and claim value as you instructed.

21) How to make special comments to order?
Normally we ship products according to factory standard. If you need any customization, please leave comments at Paypal notes. If it is beyond our capability, we will email you.


22) Do I have to Pay Tax?
It depends on which country you are going to import.
Tax is a complex issue, because it depends on which country you are receiving the goods. Some countries are easy to import and have few restrictions and no taxes. Some countries are ultra-restrictive and have high taxes, so before importing, please know more about import tax in your local place or other country(if you are drop-shipper)Tabletpcphones.com won't charge you any tax when you purchase from us and there will be no sales taxes to pay. However, you may need to pay some taxes in your local place when you receive the goods.