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Top Games Played on Onda V811 Dual Core Android Tablet PC

Recently, China domestic well-known electronic brand Onda launches its first 8.0-inch IPS Android tablet pc Onda V811 dual-core version which is the earlier 8.0-inch IPS screen dual-core Android tablet PC in China, and its price on is $157.99. Onda V811 dual-core Tablet PC has 1024 x 768 screen resolution and IPS screen which supports up to 160 ppi and 178 degrees no dead ends displaying delicate and stunning. Together with A9 dual-core 1.5GHz processor, dual-core GPU and other configurations, a large number of large-scale 3D games and other high-end applications can run perfectly smoothly on 8 inch Onda V811 Dual Core Android 4.0 Tablet PC. In the following, I will take you to feel its gaming performance!

Onda V811

Onda V811

Onda V811 dual-core version adopts Mali400 dual-core graphics chip, triangle generation rate up to 40Mtri per second, pixel fill rate up to 800Mpix per second, compared to the single core Tablet PC’s 30Mtri and 275Mpix, it has been significantly improved. Here, I recommend a variety of excellent 3D games and some games with higher requirements on the touch screen, which can be operated smoothly perfectly on 8.0-inch IPS screen of Onda V811 dual core. At the same time to sharing fresh games with everyone, it also allows a more intuitive feel for Onda V811 dual core version with the high performance. Of course, the following game resources can play and download the installation from the Internet.

Blooded killing with gorgeous picture – Blood and glory: Legend
Blood and glory: Legend is a very fine screen action game, bloodshed and special effects can be perfect and very attractive. The player will play a gladiator in the scene throughout the kingdom, with the new animated drama gradually expand, you start brutal combat against a variety of bloodthirsty enemies, and you can get deadly weapons and epic armor after victory.
Blood and glory: Legend has acclaimed as AAA grade quality, and its screen performance requirement is very high. Onda V811 dual-core Android Tablet PC comes with 8.0 inch 1024 × 768 IPS screen ultra-high resolution, offering fine quality experience to the maximum extent so that players can enjoy the game in the blood passion, wonderful lighting effects, vivid action, and the world’s best special martial art, Onda V811 dual-core can perfect present that for you.

Hearty fighting pleasure – “Eternity Warrior 2″
Eternity Warrior 2 is a typical American-style action game, the rough mad uninhibited background story, character design, and the battle scenes restore action games’ unrestrained passion. Expanded around fighting game set and mature, as a game designed for combat, players have to do is keeping walking into the maze, and killing with enjoyment.
Eternity Warrior 2 requires a high level of performance and screen of Android Tablet PC. Onda V811 dual-core has a good performance. Fine game scenes and rich three-dimensional character modeling, in 8-inch IPS screen can be fully restored. The mobile role, lighting changes and the effects of the attacks on the Tablet PC is very smooth, let you taste the thrill of hearty battle.

For Onda V811 Android Tablet PC, dual Core processor, clocked at 1.5GHz, playing games is not a problem. It is worthy of the title of dual-core.

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