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PIPO S1 and PIPO S2: Top New Android 4.1 Tablet PC

Today, PIPO S1 and PIPO S2 of 2 hot PIPO Tablet PC will be recommended to everyone, which can meet the entertainment needs of different groups of people. How Time flies! Halloween is almost coming. Is there any fresh idea for how to celebrate the holiday? Home for the holidays or traveling with a group became the choices for most people. Due to Tablet PC’s portability, it has become the new generation of must-have item for the journey. In addition, because the Tablet PC scales vary, small or big, with high-end fashion appearance and useful features, has become hot in this year’s holiday. However, facing so many brands of different models of tablet PC, we have been inevitably spoiled for choice, and it is difficult to tell which tablet PC is the most suitable for us.

First, PIPO S1:

7 Inch HD screen, 5 points capacitive screen high cost performance dual-core tablet PC enables extremely cool tablet game experience! 7-inch compact body is equally suitable to carry when you travel, and the valued price makes everyone have one in hand. This makes PIPO S1 rush into hot tablet PC in holidays! What makes PIPO S1 be hot is not only its preferential price, but also its high configuration! PIPO S1 with 5 points tempered glass touch panel, the operation is quite fine, sensitive and accurate, when you play fruits, Angry birds and other casual games, you will feel easy. In addition, PIPO S1 is equipped with 4-core GPU, supports OTG extended straight plug various USB devices, keyboard, mouse, even more, overlord machine game controller can be easily loaded and let you easily enjoy music major game functions.

The following, PIPO S2:In order to give consumers a clearer visual experience, so PIPO S2 are taking advantage of the arrival. Not only it has thin body, but also it uses a dual-core CPU super configuration, and ultra-clear screen with 1024 * 768 pixels, to meet the demanding needs of the user.

The 8″ PIPO S2 is the first 8″ Android 4.l Jelly Bean Tablet PC, and PIPO S2’s released time is the same as that of 7 inch PIPO S1. In addition to running Google’s latest operating system, PIPO S2 is packed with other cool features like a 1.6Ghz Dual Core RK3066 CPU, Quad Core Mali 400 GPU for gaming, 8-inch capacitive multi-touch screen, Flash 11.1, Bluetooth, and Play store pre-installed. To top it off the 2MP rear camera and 0.3MP front camera for skype video chat and taking pictures! PIPO S2’s RK3066 master chip hardware, CPU mainstream dual-core CPU, and its peak frequency can be up to 1.6GHz. PIPO S2 is the first Tablet PC using Rockchip 3066 dual core with direct built-in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS. Android 4.1 operating system uses the new processing architecture, into the deep optimization for dual-core, quad-core processor, which makes Tablet PC’s performance further improved! The speed for opening a web is increased by 50% or more, the speed for the image loading also increased by 30%, and 25% for the speed of the game loading. In addition, Android 4.1 also adds many new features, UI is more beautiful, smoother. PIPO S2 comes with a 0.3 megapixel front camera for video chat, and also 2MP back camera to meet the daily demand for photo camera. What’s more, PIPO S2 integrated Bluetooth technology, which is more user-friendly to connection extended.

2 models of PIPO Tablet PC are recommended for everyone, with different styles size, the same high quality. People who are interested can hurry to grab one for family and friends. PIPO S1 and PIPO S2 Tablet PC bring your life convenience, entertainment and passion!

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