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Cheap Killer Strikes – Rockchip launched RK2926, RK2928 for Android Tablet PC

At present, Rockchip Electronics, who occupies the mainstream chip in China domestic Android Tablet PC market, not only showcases the products of its partners in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, but also launches two new chips RK2926/RK2928 known as the “Terminator” mononuclear master chips. The two chips are solution for high-performance, low-power and low price, performance improvement increased 30% than before, but the power consumption and the price will be lower.
RK292 new series (RK2928, RK2926) is not the same with Cortex-A8 of RK2918, instead of using the more advanced Cortex-A9 single-core, RK292 new series with ultra-low power consumption, performance improvement of 30%, compared with RK2918, also has a very low price ($40), they are called ‘low-cost Terminator’ and can be described as full momentum.

RK2926/RK2928 is updated from RK2918, and they are changed in the old architecture of previous generation products, using the new Cortex-A9 architecture, support DDR3 and DDR3L, and built-in Audio CODEC, LVDS have DVFS-power adjustment, you can support MLC NAND / E-MMC and i-NAND flash memory. RK2926 and RK2928 chips are slightly different in terms of functionality, the latter more than the former integrated support the HDMI 1.4a Controller and GPS baseband. In addition, both packages are different, the RK2926 chip uses LQP176 package, while the RK2928 chip using the BGA313 package.

Through demo equipped with RK292 new series (RK2928, RK2926) Tablet PC, it is obvious for you to feel that operation fluency has been greatly improved, and there is no significant fever situation on prototype Tablet PC, as for the low end of the market-oriented Tablet PC, this performance is very good.

On video capabilities, RK2926 / RK2928 support video playback of multi-format 1080P and 1080P H.264 video encoding capabilities. It is also said that RK2926/RK2928 chip’s power consumption and standby of other alleged reached the lowest level of similar products in the Tablet PC field, and under the conditions of an equivalent configuration, cost has more price advantage than similar Tablet PC, the two chips are more suitable for entry-level Tablet PC.
Currently, in the exhibition area Rockchip located 1CON has showed the prototype Tablet PC of RK2926/RK2928, because of IP licensing confidentiality, clocked graphics core specific configuration can’t be disclosed, but also no detailed performance test. Just from the point of view of the experience to get started, compared to the previous RK2918 Tablet PC operation,  the fluency has improved, casual game can smooth run in prototype at the same time, and you would not feel a significant fever situation, the overall experience is still good for entry-level tablet PC market, this performance should be considered good.
Rockchip Master Tablet PC in the market generally has a good performance, whether The RK2926/RK2928 chip can succeed in entry-level Android Tablet PC market, and become the “Terminator”, Let us wait and see.

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